Shirley E. Clark

Shirley E. Clark is a professor of environmental engineering at Penn State Harrisburg and chair of Penn State Harrisburg’s graduate programs in environmental and civil engineering. Dr. Clark’s research has primarily focused on improving the effectiveness of stormwater treatment systems. She has evaluated several manufactured treatment devices to document their performance for the regulatory certification programs. Her research group also has optimized bioretention media to treat stormwater runoff at former industrials sites, including determining media performance for removing pollutants such as dioxin and radionuclides. Her recent industrial stormwater research focused on determining the performance of treatment systems (hydrodynamic separators, ponds, filters, and chemical treatment systems) at various industrial sites. She regularly teaches courses in hydrology, applied hydraulics, and environmental risk assessment. Dr. Clark has published extensively on stormwater treatment and predicting the performance of treatment systems based on a theoretical analysis of the systems. Dr. Clark holds a B.S. degree in chemical engineering from Washington University, plus an M.S.C.E. degree in environmental engineering, and a Ph.D. degree in environmental health engineering, both from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.