Lothar Fuchs

●  CEO of Institut für technisch-wissenschaftliche Hydrologie GmbH (Institute for technical and scientific hydrology ltd.), Hannover, Germany

●  CEO of itwh SP. z o.o, Warsaw, Poland

●  CEO of Wasser Hannover GmbH

●  Member of DWA and IWA (German Water and Waste Organization, International Water Association)

●  Spokesman/member of different DWA/IWA working groups in the field of urban drainage

●  More than 150 papers in national, international journals or conference proceedings

●  More than 30 years' experience in urban drainage

●  Active in China since more than 10 years

●  Started the sponge city approach in Changde/Hunan 10 years ago

●  Developer of the mostly used sewer simulation model in Germany