Masahiro Imbe

Masahiro Imbe, the former executive director, recently the water cycle specialist of the Japanese Association for Rainwater Storage and Infiltration Technology(ARSIT), received his Bachelor’s degree from the Department of Civil Engineering of Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1972; then graduated from Asian Institute of Technology,to receive his Master's degree in Water Resources Engineering in 1974. He is Professional Engineer in river and coastal engineering fields(P.E.Jp). Before Mr Imbe  began to work in ARSIT in 1992, he used to work in Mitsui Construction Company for 18 years. He devoted himself to promotion and marketing of rainwater retention and penetration activities during his time in the association. Recently, he also participated in the utilization of rainwater retention and penetration facilities, not only related to flood control, but also related to groundwater regeneration, rainwater utilization and water environment management related to urban planning and river basin management.