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Topics (including but not limited to)

A. Sponge city—theoretical, analytical and modelling aspects

•  System theory applied to sponge city construction

•  Urban hydrological and ecological effects

•  Integration and optimization of urban green and grey infrastructure systems

•  Urban drainage and flooding prevention technology

•  Control and restoration of urban water pollution

•  Application of mathematical models in sponge city construction projects

•  Climate change effect and resilience strategy

B. Sponge city—planning and design

•  City planning and special planning of sponge city  

•  Sponge city planning compilation

•  Planning of sponge city system construction

•  Sponge city—site design

•  Sponge city—landscape and green space system design

•  Sponge city—water system design

•  Sponge city—integrated ‘green’ and ‘blue’ systems

•  Sponge city—road and transport facilities

•  LID/GI practices and computational methods

C. Sponge city planning & design application—case studies

•  Application in newly built urban areas

•  Application in old/high density urban areas

•  Application in special or unfavorable geological areas

•  Application in watershed system management

•  How does sponge city cope with climate changes

D. Construction, operation & maintenance

•  Sponge city construction, operation & maintenance under different scales

•  Sponge city construction in different natural conditions

•  Operation & maintenance mechanism and funding of sponge city facilities

E. Relevant laws, regulations and technical standards on sponge city construction

•  National laws and regulations

•  National technical standards for sponge city planning and design

•  International stormwater management laws, regulations and technical standards

F. Training and promotion of sponge city construction

•  Technical training and promotion

•  Publicity and public participation

•  Education and talents cultivation

G. Evaluation and assessment of sponge city construction

•  Performance appraisal

•  Monitoring system and information platform

•  Urban drainage and flooding warning system construction and emergency mechanism development

•  Public participation and incentive mechanism

•  Performance appraisal of sponge city PPP projects

•  Cost-effectiveness of sponge city construction(social, economic, environmental and ecological benefits)

•  Third-party evaluation mechanism of sponge city construction

H. Technology and innovations

•  Sponge city model(software)development and application

•  Technologies, materials, equipment and products used in sponge city construction

•  Evaluation and accreditation of sponge city technologies and products

I. Sponge city construction—investment, financing and industrialization

•  Investment, financing and PPP mechanism innovation

•  Incentive mechanism

•  Cost and financial analysis

•  Market operation and asset management

•  Preferential policies for industrialization and useful exploration practice